About Us

Who We Are

Miipe is a software Quality Assurance services company with headquarters in Markham, Canada. Miipe was founded in 2008 with a mission to bring focus on Quality Assurance processes, tools and metrics that help customers successfully deliver complex technology projects and products. We are rooted in the belief that software quality is reflective of your brand and reputation and can have a dramatic impact on customer loyalty and retention. From the outset, our motto is “Do it right the first time!”

Although we started our business with a laser focus on software testing, we believe that quality starts at the very beginning of the process. Testing finds quality issues, but this occurs after the fact when the root cause has already occurred. Miipe is a full service Quality Assurance services business that takes a holistic approach using Quality Engineering principles to create long-term and lasting improvements to achieve quality software for our clients. We are your Quality Assurance business partner providing a flexible engagement model that adapts to both your size and needs.

Miipe [m'aɪ -p]

The name Miipe combines the names of our two founders: Michael and Pedro. Miipe is now known for Quality Assurance and the passion our founders and employees have for the industry. But, we do wonder if our founders were named Julie and Amanda, would the company be called Junda?  That would also be a cool name!

Our only focus is Quality Assurance

Our Experience

We’ve developed a proprietary methodology and technology solutions based on years of industry experience managing large-scale programs, including Digital Transformations, Post Merger Integration, Legacy System Migrations, and SaaS Product Development.

Our experience helps our clients avoid making mistakes we have already solved for in the past.

Our Results

We have a proven track record for helping our clients achieve their business outcomes on-time and on budget. Our clients have been with us for many years, and their loyalty is the ultimate measure of the value of the services we provide.

We take pride in our metrics driven approach to achieving our clients’ quality objectives while also delivering projects on time.

Our People

Our team of experienced and dedicated professionals specialize in Quality Assurance processes, including all aspects of testing. Our clients trust us with their most critical project or product, and we in turn are passionate and dedicated to their success.

We’re creative problem solvers and our team always finds a solution!

Our Proven Edge


We have partnered with our clients to help reduce project delivery & operational expenditures by as much as 50% annually.

With our proven MM360 (360 Miipe Methodology) we can:

  • Reduce customer churn and increase revenue by substantially reducing the number of system defects that are responsible for over 80% of unplanned outages.
  • Reduce defects when developing software or working on implementing packaged software solutions.
  • Reduce costs by leveraging the automated suite of solutions from Miipe.


We’ve helped our clients cut their testing time by up to 50%.

With our proven MM360™ methodology we can:

  • Gives you a superior competitive advantage with a faster time to market.
  • Work with a specialized onshore team whose expertise and experience will ensure consistent delivery success – significantly increasing confidence when launching new products or systems.
  • Get it right the first time! Our proven track record delivers quality results on time and on budget. We take pride in eliminating the need for any rework.


Our clients have been able to increase their feature backlog by as much as 120%.

  • We focus on achieving quality objectives that are articulated via KPIs and speed to market.
  • We identify the bottleneck in the software delivery process and continuously optimize to increase the delivery velocity.
  • Clients adopt our agile methodology to improve overall quality while launching more product features for customers. 
  • There is no Quality Assurance challenge that we are not willing to tackle. In fact, the bigger the challenge, the more excited we are to help you solve it. Don’t take our word for it, let us show you!


MM360™ is Miipe’s proprietary methodology that we embed in the Quality Assurance software development processes. The methodology goes beyond white and black box testing and represents years of hands-on experience and incorporates Quality Engineering principles into the end-to-end software delivery process using a variety of methodologies such as agile, waterfall and wagile.

Our innovative holistic three-dimensional approach to Quality Assurance testing enables us to substantially improve software quality while significantly reducing overall timelines. Miipe is leading the Quality Assurance industry with innovations that help customers achieve their strategic objectives.

The core of MM360™ is the connective tissue across each aspect of the software delivery process that both identifies quality issues and provides the data to execute the required validation of quality during the testing phases. Add to this a highly trained and dedicated Miipe Quality Assurance team and the results achieved are proof that our formula works.

To learn more about how MM360™ can improve your project delivery, contact us.

Compliant to ISO 9126, ITIL, CSTE and ISTQB.